What's the status of QIIME2?


We know QIIME 1 will no longer be supported next year. How far away is QIIME2 from a stable version that can be used for production? Is this a good time to convert all the pipelines based on QIIME 1 to pipelines based on QIIME2? Or we had better wait for some pending features to be added before we make the massive transformation of pipelines?


Hi @wang51, please take a look at this forum announcement! We are currently releasing QIIME 2 once a month, where each release tends to revolve around some central theme. In the August release of QIIME 2 we will be working to fill in any holes regarding any important functionality found in QIIME 1 that is missing in QIIME 2.

It would be useful for us to know what your pipelines (referenced above) look like, to help provide additional information for prioritizing any missing functionality. Thanks!

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your reply.

I have a pipeline which connects join_paired_ends.py, split_libraries_fastq.py, identify_chimeric_seqs.py, pick_open_reference_otus.py, core_diversity_analysis.py, filter_taxa_from_otu_table.py and filter_otus_from_otu_table.py from QIIME1 scripts.

Do you think there are corresponding modules in QIIME2 for each of the scripts I mentioned?


Thanks @wang51! We are currently missing a few of those pieces in QIIME 2, but stay tuned, hopefully we will fill in those gaps within the next few months!


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