what is the meaning and difference between alpha and beta diversity metrics?

I have the alhpa and beta diversity results using many metrics. But I could not understand their meaning and differences. I looked for in google but the math formula is difficult to understand. Could you give me the explanations in microbiota? The metrics I used are as follows:
Metrics for alpha diversity included:

Metrics for beta diversity include:

Thanks very much

Hi @terren!
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Here’s a great post from a community member that briefly discusses most of the diversity measures available in QIIME 2. It includes references to primary sources, which are worth reading so you can get a feel for how these methods are intended to be used. It may take a little while to digest, but is worth the time invested.

I’m not very good at reading and interpreting mathematical formulas myself, so I can really empathize with you on how hard it can be to get started with this stuff. With the older and more common measures, like the ones you’re looking at, you might want to try googling again, looking for applied examples. I haven’t saved any bookmarks (sorry!), but lots of university (e.g.) and private sites have introductions to common diversity measures that are easier to start with than the primary source material.

Best of luck,
Chris :dromedary_camel:


Thanks for you so much. It is a great post.

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