What is the differences between k__Bacteria;_ and k__Bacteria;p__

Dear all,

I noticed in my OTU table, I have both these columns:

I thought they should fall into the same category: unclassified OTU? Why am I having 2 columns on this?
Anyone has an idea on this?



Hi @Clara,
With K__Bacteria;__ the classifier was not able to assign taxonomy beyond the Kingdom level whereas in K__Bacteria;p__ the classifier was able to distinguish this OTU from other Phyla in that clade but is missing annotation so just leaves it blank.


Thanks for the reply. But what is mean by “missing annotation” over here? Should those OTUs that fall under K__Bacteria;p__ be categorized as “known” or “unknown” phylum?

Hi @Clara,
I just mean that the database you are using (assuming greengenes?) does not have a name for this. It may be that another database does but here it is an “unknown” phyla.

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