What does the number represent in observed_otus.csv

@gregcaporaso hi again,
Finally I got the table with your help!!!
Still have a question that what does the number represent in observed_otus.csv at my last image? Best, Yanfei

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The values in the table that you downloaded from the alpha rarefaction visualization are counts of features at a given depth of sequencing (i.e., rarefaction depth). For that visualization, the input feature table is rarefied at several different depths, and at each depth multiple iterations of rarefaction are performed, to ensure that the result is consistent across multiple random subsamples. “Observed OTUs” is a measure of community richness, and more accurately would be called “Observed Features”. In this context, it really means “observed sequence variants”, since that’s what your features are. Wikipedia has a good description of rarefaction plots, if this concept is new to you.

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@gregcaporaso thank you so much for all your help. All the best to you.


Glad to help, good luck!

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