What command do I use to test differential abundance?

I had finished all qiime2 analysis of my samples and i want to ask about how to compare certain samples to each others in accordance to percentages of each species present, which is more rich in satph spp. for example and which is less and so on.what is the command should i use??

Hi @Soha,
Check out this tutorial sounds like that will do what you are looking for.

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Thanks a lot @Nicholas_Bokulich, this tutorial helped me a lot. but i can’t explain then ANCOM results!! what is W indicating for and clr f_statistics ??
can i use this test to compare more than two samples??

You should read the original publication for complete details. See also this forum thread and elsewhere on the forum where this has been discussed.

Yes, there should be more than two samples to test adequately. You can compare two groups of samples, or multiple groups.

Good luck!

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