What are the two matrices of distance to use for Mantel test?

Hi, I am trying to run qiime diversity mantel and per the documentation (mantel: Apply the Mantel test to two distance matrices — QIIME 2 2023.7.0 documentation), you have to enter two matrices of distances - dm1 and dm2. I could not find an example code for the same. What input files do I need to use for dm1 and dm2? Is there a tutorial you could point me to? Thank you!

Hi @macrobiome,
These can be any artifacts of the type DistanceMatrix. These would be created as outputs from qiime diversity beta, or qiime diversity core-metrics-phylogenetic, or a couple of other actions.

Common uses of this would be to see if two metrics are correlated (e.g., do I see similar distances between samples if I use Jaccard distance and unweighted UniFrac distance?), or to compare sequencing or analysis protocols (e.g., do I see similar Bray-Curtis distances between samples if I sequence the V2 versus the V4 variable regions of the 16S?).

Note that the samples should have the same identifiers across the two distance matrices.

I don't think we cover Mantel tests in any existing tutorials.

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