wget for qiime2 yml is not working

I am using WSL on Windows 10 Enterprise, and have successfully installed miniconda3 (with python 3.10), but cannot install Qiime2 following the instructions here: Natively installing QIIME 2 — QIIME 2 2023.5.1 documentation

Both commands

conda update conda


conda install wget

Give errors

Collecting package metadata (current_repodata.json): failed

CondaHTTPError: HTTP 000 CONNECTION FAILED for url <https://repo.anaconda.com/pkgs/main/linux-64/current_repodata.json>
Elapsed: -

An HTTP error occurred when trying to retrieve this URL.
HTTP errors are often intermittent, and a simple retry will get you on your way.

If your current network has https://www.anaconda.com blocked, please file
a support request with your network engineering team.


And of course it is not the network issue.
Also, cannot run the command

wget https://data.qiime2.org/distro/core/qiime2-2023.5-py38-linux-conda.yml

Which keeps giving an error:

--2023-06-23 15:04:56-- https://data.qiime2.org/distro/core/qiime2-2023.5-py38-linux-conda.yml
Resolving data.qiime2.org (data.qiime2.org)... failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.
wget: unable to resolve host address ‘data.qiime2.org

Although I can access the https via a browser.
The version wget I have is 1.21.2.

I see there are a few posts like this on the Forum, but many of them do not have answers (the initiating person never replied to the comments of the Qiime team). So I hope you can help me out.


Hello @CHANG,

These most certainly seem like networking issues, why do you say that you think they aren't?

You said that you were able to access some of these urls in your browser--did you use a browser in WSL or in windows? To troubleshoot your network connection within WSL, you can start by trying ping -c 2 www.google.com in the terminal inside of WSL. If you get something like "unknown host" then you likely haven't gotten a network connection set up inside of WSL.

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Hello Colin,

I used the browser in the Windows and was able to successfully access the given websites.
However, indeed, now that I checked the WSL connection with
ping -c 2 www.google.com
I see there is a network issue.

Can you help me with solving this?


Hello @CHANG,

Do you know which version of WSL you're using? If you don't know you can find this out with wsl --list --verbose in your windows command prompt.

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Hello Colin,

The WSL I am using is /Linux x86_64.

Best regards,

Hello @CHANG,

It looks like you have the newest version of WSL (version 2). Do you know if you have any firewalls or antivirus software set up on your windows machine?

You could try resetting your network connection inside windows (Settings > Network & Internet > Status > Network reset).

What does the command cat /etc/resolv.conf output in your linux terminal?


Dear Colin,

I actually went ahead and downgraded to WSL 1, and then I finally got the internet connection on the WSL (so was able to install conda and run conda update conda successfully).

I was also able to run:
~$ wget https://data.qiime2.org/distro/core/qiime2-2023.5-py38-linux-conda.yml

The next command:
~$ conda env create -n qiime2-2023.5 --file qiime2-2023.5-py38-linux-conda.yml
Collecting package metadata (repodata.json): done
Solving environment: |
Found conflicts! Looking for incompatible packages.
This can take several minutes. Press CTRL-C to abort.
Examining conflict for unifrac q2-deblur numpy q2-types q2-gneissExamining conflict for formulaic unifrac q2-types q2-diversity-liExamining conflict for formulaic unifrac q2-types q2-diversity-liExamining conflict for umap-learn q2-sample-classifier threadpoolExamining conflict for umap-learn q2-sample-classifier threadpoolExamining conflict for formulaic statsmodels umap-learn numpy empExamining conflict for formulaic statsmodels umap-learn numpy empExamining conflict for formulaic statsmodels umap-learn emperor sExamining conflict for formulaic statsmodels umap-learn emperor sExamining conflict for toolz q2-composition altair: 57%|████████
.......(I omit many lines of similar stuff as above)...............
Examining conflict for r-tidyverse r-dbplyr q2-composition: : 772 failed

And then at the emd it gave this output:
Your installed version is: 2.31

Note that strict channel priority may have removed packages required for satisfiability.

But running the command
conda activate qiime2-2023.5


EnvironmentNameNotFound: Could not find conda environment: qiime2-2023.5
You can list all discoverable environments with conda info --envs.

Any idea how to solve this issue with the conflicting packages and problem with making an environment for qiime?


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Hello @CHANG,

What does conda config --show channel_priority say? If it says strict, try running conda config --set channel_priority flexible and then try solving the environment again.


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