volatility plot metrics


Is there anyway to change an axis metric in volatility plot? I want to narrow the numbers range in my Y axis, so that differences would be more clear to the eye.

Hello Kam,

There's not a built-in way to do this from within Qiime2, but you do have a few options.

  1. Export the data as TSV, and make a new plot yourself using the program of your choice. I like using ggplot2 in R, and you could also us matplotlib in Python or Plotly in several languages.
  2. View Source, then export and edit using Vega.
    That plot is just a Vega plot after all, so you could edit the axis inside the JSON file and then pass it back to Vega to make a new plot!

I guess this depends on what graphing program outside of Qiime2 that you would prefer to use.

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