Visualizer for Phylogenetic Tree

Could you please tell me where is the visualizer command for the phylogeny trees?
I am using one of the items, now need to create .qzv format. I could not find the related command.


Hello Meha,

According to this thread, Qiime 2 doesn’t have a visualizer for trees at the moment. :cry:

The good news is that you can export your tree and visualize it in another program. There are a bunch of examples of how to do it in that thread.

Good luck! :palm_tree: :evergreen_tree:

You don’t even need to export it — itol supports reading QZA files!


Correct, you can’t “paste” a QZA file into the text box. But, if you read down at the bottom of the page, the “Tree file” upload box is where you can select a QZA. are right! I did it now. The tree is without any name or Id. It is weird


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