Visualization of .qsv using PuTTy

I am starting to use QIIME2 for the first time and using PuTTY, a free SSH and telnet client for Windows, to work out on sever. I used this command qiime demux summarize --i-data demux-paired-end.qza --o-visualization demux-paired-end.qzv, which produced demux-paired-end.qzv, but i can’t open to visualize it.
How can I do this?

Hi @framessina!

There’s a couple options. The simplest is probably to download the .qzv to your local computer and then use I presume you already have some way to transfer files between your server and your Windows machine, but if you don’t, I’ve always liked WinSCP (though I haven’t used it in a few years).

Another option, if your server has the libraries necessary[1], then you can install an X-server on your Windows machine [2]. You’ll then request PuTTY to forward the X-client commands to your Window’s X-server. Once that is available, you should be able to run qiime tools view which will launch a browser on the server, but the instructions for drawing the browser will actually be forwarded to your Window’s X-server (this is called X-forwarding). This is a lot more involved, so I would go with the first option with if that works for you.

Hope that helps!

[1] You’ll likely have the command xeyes if your server supports this
[2] There’s a bunch of software that can do this, so you should be able to google “X server for Windows”

Yes, I have used and now it works. Thanks for your help.

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