VirtualBox Guest Additions set up from the virtual CD!


I am new to the Qiime and VirtualBox. I am trying to set up these two together, in my computer lab that carries Windows 10, to run my microbial sequencing analysis. But unfortunately after solving two main problems, I stuck in the current issue regarding the Error Executing!
I searched through the forum to see if anyone already faced with this issue, but unfortunately could not find any solutions.

After running the virtual CD, it gives me error below as you can see in the picture. (RETURN: DriverPackageInstallW Error 0xE000020B)

I will be grateful if someone can give me any suggestions/ comments to help me solve this issue.

Thank you.

Hi @Mahsa!

Sorry for the delayed response. I think your situation might be similar to this thread:

Do you already have VirtualBox installed? If so, you don’t need to install the guest additions on your Windows machine, that happens inside the virtual machine (and you should be able to skip that step for the QIIME 2 image unless the guest additions aren’t working).

Hello @ebolyen!

Thank you for your reply. I solved that issue. But right now. I am having another issue regarding the “pear” installation. I think is not a right place to put this question. But I am just wondering if you have any experience about this as well. I tried to install pear through the Terminal but it keep saying that the related package is not located! I tried to remove and install the whole pear file again from the website but still the same error!!

Thank you.

Awesome! You could try asking on Other Bioinformatics Tools. I think a few members of the forum have used PEAR, they may be able to assist.

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