Virtual machine errors/crashes

I saw your reply in the forum regarding virtual machine error. When I upgraded my qiime to the latest version (that one released in December 2017), I noticed that my virtual machine is slowly starting up, just like this:

And then, in my virtual box, I noticed that I only have one qiime 2 core now, there used to be two before, was this the reason why I always have errors in my machine? Pls. see below:

I need to have this fixed before I will proceed with doing further data analysis, I guess.

I need your advice on this matter. Thanks a lot.

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HI @Pseudomonas84!

I know VBox updates their software and sometimes has to change things in backwards incompatible ways. We try to make sure our images are built against the latest one so that we don’t fall too far behind. Does this problem persist if you update VBox and try loading the image? What version are you running right now (I think the help menu will tell you)?

Sorry I don’t have anything more concrete, but that’s my first guess as to what might be wrong.

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