Virtual Course announcement: Harnessing Our Inner Ecology To Track and Treat Disease @ISB

On October 15 and 16, the Institute for Systems Biology hosts a virtual course and symposium on the microbiome and its future role in precision medicine.

ISB will host a one-day course on October 15, followed by a symposium on October 16. Both events will be virtual and free. The intended audience for these events are graduate students, postdocs, principal investigators, industry scientists, educators, and clinicians from across the globe.

The course will provide a hands-on introduction to analyzing 16S amplicon data from individuals with recurrent C. difficile infections with Qiime 2. This will be followed by a second session showing how to connect Qiime 2 artifacts to metabolic modeling and functional analysis using MICOM.

The symposium will feature six researchers working in different parts of the world to build computational and experimental tools for manipulating the gut microbiome to track and treat disease.

The event is free of charge but requires registration.

Looking forward to seeing the Qiime 2 community at the event :smiley: