Virtual Box Install QIIME 2 Core 2017.11 File is 734pb?

I’m using Virtual Box 5.2.2 to use QIIME 2 and I’m having trouble unzipping the core files. Windows computer. When I unzip it says I need 734pb of disc space for the file. The installation documentation indicates that I only need around 15gb of space for the install. Are the files I downloaded that are incredibly large. I tried the 2017.10 version and I get the same giant file issue. Is there a smaller file?

Yowzah!!! That is pretty crazy, @amourino! QIIME 2 takes a lot of disk space, but that seems a bit crazy ;).

The VirtualBox files are about 5GB, zipped. How are you downloading these files? Through a browser, or through some CLI tool? What tool are you using to unzip - is it the built-in Windows unarchiver tool? Are you able to compute the md5sum of the downloaded zip file? If so, can you share that here? Thanks! :t_rex:

I downloaded through Mozilla and the zipped file is about 5gb. Using the built-in windows tool gives me the error of not enough disc space for a 734 pb file (I had to look up a petabyte). I am using 7-Zip to extract my files and it has…worked correctly. Thank you for the quick response.


Hi @amourino!

After extracting with 7-Zip, are you able to successfully use the QIIME 2 VirtualBox? If not, can you please provide the md5sum of the .zip file you downloaded?

md5sum: 0DB295C1F4CE3AB2B9F7FAF23AECCB92 of the file.

I haven’t been successful with my setup yet. I need to install the VirtualBox extension package and this operation requires administrative approval from my IT department. One person says I can use VirtualBox and another says that I cannot. They are discussing the topic to get me up and running. I can update once my IT issues are resolved.


Update for QIIME2. I was unable to use VirtualBox due to IT department policies. They were able to successfully install QIIME2 through our computing cluster.

Thanks for the support.


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