Vega Editor Not Working


I have been following the longitudinal tutorial and wanted to play around with the volatility plots in the Vega Editor. But, when I click the ‘Open in Vega Editor’ button on Qiime2 view it doesn’t load the figure. I have tried this with a few different .qzv files and continue to get the same problem. Any suggestions to what might be causing this issue?


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Just took a quick peek - looks like there might be an issue with our older vega spec in the newer vega editor - I’ll take a closer look in the next day or two, and if I come up with a workaround for you I’ll let you know.

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Hello @Zach_Burcham, I’m looking into an actual solution for this problem right now, but for the time being there is a workaround. Open the plot in the vega editor then resize your browser window in some way. This should cause the plot to render. You can then make the window fullscreen again if you would like, and the plot should still be there.


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