uuid after import in Moving picture tutorial

I installed qiime on google colab and it works fine.

I am in the middle of Moving Pictures tutorials( before that, I finish the course on the YouTube based on this link, GitHub - Gibbons-Lab/isb_course_2021: Materials and presentations for the 2021 ISB Virtual Microbiome Series.).

My main question is that, my printed UUID after import method for the file "emp-single-end-sequences.qza" is different from the tutorial page. Does it mean a problem?

my result:
!qiime tools peek emp-single-end-sequences.qza ("!" because I am on google colab)
UUID: f14d45eb-fb1d-449a-9419-a2a0ca84b116
Type: EMPSingleEndSequences
Data format: EMPSingleEndDirFmt

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Nope, that's expected and okay!

If you are curious, UUID are Python object IDs and will change each time you make a new object, even if the data inside is the same.

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thanks, but how are they used for tracking the data if they are changing?

The interactive Python session uses it to track data, while you would track it using the file path or by assigning the artifact to a variable.

What are you trying to do? (There's definitely a way to do it without using UUIDs.)

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I faced it in Moving Picture tutorial. Because my UUID and the one mentioned in the tutorial were different, I was just curious about it. I am not going to do anything with it now.


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