Using QIIME 2 SDK in a Github Workflow

I have been working on a GitHub Workflow to build and deploy documentation for a collection of QIIME 2 plugins I help develop and maintain. The build process uses functionality from the qiime2 module, specifically qiime2.sdk, to handle generating our .rst files for deployment. As of right now, I was able to get QIIME 2 installed through Conda in my workflow, however the action fails when trying to build because there is no "qiime2" module (error shown in screenshot below).

I am wondering if someone could offer insight to what I am missing so GitHub knows where the qiime2 module is - maybe I missed something - or if someone could point me in the direction of a tutorial I missed while searching the internet. Here is a link to my workflow thus far:

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Hello @asah. It looks like on line 50 of your workflow you create the QIIME 2 conda environment then don't activate it. I believe you need to activate it before the next step.