Using adonis with blocked data

Hello Qiime forum! I would like to use the adonis function in qiime2 to have create a model with blocked (hierarchical data). Is that possible? I only see options for interactions…

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adonis takes an R-style formula so you can use R formula operators to indicate which (nested) interactions you want to test. See here:

Thank you Nicholas! In that case, is the slash in R equivalent to the plus sign in the adonis plugin for qiime2?

q2-diversity is just wrapping R-vegan in the adonis action… so a formula that works in R should work here, and the operators have the same meaning. Give the slash a try… if for some reason it doesn’t work you should be able to specify the interaction structure like A+B+B:C

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That solved my problem. Slashes work perfectly, but there is no strata function based on my script and my search on the forum.

Yep, we still have an open issue to address that. I think it would be a pretty straightforward fix for anyone with R experience, contributions are always welcome :wink:

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