Update taxonomy after assignment

I used sklearn in combination with a customised BOLD reference library to assign taxonomy to my COI dataset and double-checked several featureIDs manually on Genbank afterwards as the taxonomic resolution was low or didn’t make sense. I would like to update this taxonomic information so I can create a barplot in QIIME but have no idea how to do this. Can I re-convert my Taxonomy.qzv file to a qza file or is there a different way?
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You may want to look at why your reference library didn't work so well, or try a different techique for assignment. (Others are probably better equiped to help with that, Ive not done COI). However, you could export your taxonomy.qza artifact to a text file (see the exporting data page), use qiime2R to import it into R or use the python API to pull it into python and make your edits there. (My personal recommendation is python or R because then you have a better record of what got changed where and why and how.)

If you go with the R or export solution, you then need to re-import the updated taxonomy as an artifact.


Thanks Justine, importing the file as FeatureData[Taxonomy] worked!

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