Unite 2020 for Qiime 2

Dear Nicholas Bokulich,
I’m trying to use the new release 2020 of the Unite database for Qiime 2 (https://plutof.ut.ee/#/doi/10.15156/BIO/786385) to create the classifier. When downloading the file, I was expecting a fasta file and a reference taxonomy file. Instead they provided a single file with both taxonomy and ref seqs, but not in .qza format. Could you please check this release and suggest me how to proceed with this?
Tahnk you,

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Hello Eduardo,

Welcome to the Qiime forums! :qiime2:

It looks like there are two releases for Unite 8.2. Does this second one work better?

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Hi Colin,
Yes, that’s exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you!



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