Unifrac PCoA plots in R


I have processed my data through QIIME2 and have obtained my beta diversity distance matrices (DM) and PCoA plots (unifrac). I would like to customize my PCoA plot in R, but I am lost beyond importing my DM into R studio.

Any recommendations for a guide or specific code since I am a novice (at best) with R? My lab mainly uses SAS, but R produces better PCoA plots in my opinion.

I am using R Studio with R version 3.5.1.



Welcome to the forum @MBowman!

Have you seen the qiime2r tutorial? Check it out — there is an example of using that tool to import PC data from QIIME 2 and generating PCoA plots in R. There are examples elsewhere on this forum of importing a distance matrix and making a PCoA plot in R.


Thank you for the link!

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