"unexpected EOF" error on docker

hello from south korea!
This time, after I changed my computer, I installed Docker again and tried to install qiime2, but a problem occurred.
No matter how many times I try to install it again, the error "unexpected EOF" always appears and the installation fails.
Below is the command I ran.

docker pull Quay
(There’s no other reason, it’s just because I’m used to version 2022.2!)

I've seen and followed some of the other solutions on the forum, but the problem persists. Is there any other way?

Hi @chlxowns130
This might be an internet issue, when you re-run does it always produce the same error?

Yes, I keep getting the same error. So I still can't use qiime2.

Hi @chlxowns130,

Can you try pulling down the docker image of the latest QIIME 2 release (2023.7) and see if you are successful?

unfortunately, it failed again....

Hi @chlxowns130,

Thanks for giving that a shot. I found a couple of stack overflow suggestions regarding this same issue - take a look at them below and give their suggestions a try to see if any of them resolve the issue.

Cheers :lizard:

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Thanks for your reply.
I haven't been able to reply for a while because I've been trying many solutions to this problem (even the solution mentioned in the two posts you mentioned!).
In conclusion, we were able to solve this problem today. I changed the network from wired to wireless and the installation was completed. The wired network is connected to our school's internal network, but it seems that when downloading the largest file, the school's Internet security program considered it a suspicious file and forcibly disconnected it.
When I contacted the server room directly, they told me that there was a lot of information about downloads being forcibly blocked on my computer. I was devastated because it was a cause I had never even imagined. I thought the school security system only blocks Windows-based executable files such as game files or msi files!
Anyway, thank you so much for your help in solving this really ridiculous problem.

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