understanding qiime 2 plugin citations

Hi all,

I’ve looked at other posts on where to find plugin citations such as using qiime tools citations or looking at the citations tab in view.qiime2.org. However, it seems they are in this BibTex format which I don’t know about. Do I need to install a program to use this citation? Where can I find the normal citations for the plugins I used so I can write it in my methods section of a publication? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thank you

Hi @Alan_Chan,

It’s not a stupid question!

Bibtex is a super popular citation format. So, pick your favorite common citation manager (Mendeley, EndNote, Papers), and you should be able to import the bibtex entry. Like, my Mendeley desktop just has “Import from Bibtex” in my file menu. And then, they act like any other citation in my library and can be inserted via my citation manager. Your citation manager should be able to handle them, if you’re not sure how to import there, check its documentation.



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