Unable to successfully run codes in qiime2R

I tried running these codes using the recently installed package “qiime2R”

These are the errors I got below
Error in unzip(file, exdir = tmp, list = TRUE) :
zip file ‘table.qza’ cannot be opened
In addition: Warning message:
In unzip(file, exdir = tmp) : error 1 in extracting from zip file

I have tried using all the suggestions from qiime2 forum and github but nothing is working. I am currently using windows 10 and R version 3.6.1.



This would suggest that there is no file called table.qza in your working directory. Try typing list.files() and make sure that the file is present. you can change your working directory using setwd() or see which directory you are currently in using getwd() If not, you can always provide an absolute path like “/path/to/your/file/table.qza”.

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