Unable to demultiplex the data in moving pictures tutorial


Hello, I am following the moving pictures tutorial and I have bumped up with an error while trying to demputiplex the downloaded data. I am placing a snapshot below for more details.

Can anyone provide any suggestions
Thank you



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Hi @RocktimRamenDas. I love your user profile - makes me miss the ocean!

Thank you for sharing that screenshot. It has all the details you need to figure out why this command didn’t work. Try to puzzle it out one more time, and post here if you still can’t get it. I’ll watch this post, and can answer any questions you have.

Like @thermokarst suggested in this post, often the best approach is to carefully read your error messages, and investigate the commands you ran. Computers are dumb, so we have to be extra careful when we tell them what we want them to do. I make little mistakes like this all the time, and it will make your life much easier when you can identify and fix them independently.

Hint: Often when you issue a command to QIIME 2, the arguments you pass it are file paths. Always make sure your file paths tell QIIME 2 where your files actually are.

Good luck, and please let me know if you have any questions!


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Dear Dr. Keefe
Thank you so much for your response. Surely I will try to figure out the
issue and see if I can fix it. Moreover, I will get back if I have some trouble again.

BTW I go to the sea about 4 times a week for my research, do let me know if you
drop by Okinawa :slight_smile: I will take you to the sea.



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:ocean::octopus::microbe::blowfish::whale2::dragon: :shell::ocean:
Have fun out there, @RocktimRamenDas, and happy :qiime2:-ing.

If you come to Northern Arizona, let me know. I can show you the :evergreen_tree::mountain_snow::deciduous_tree:

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Thank you
So I finished the moving pictures tutorial,
and everything went well as far as the coding
is concerned based on my zero-coding skills :slight_smile:

Though I now plan to look deeper into the tutorial and redo it
along with interpreting the data. Thank you so much for your advice and feedback.

Qiiming is fun though. Definitely I will visit Arizona someday.


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:partying_face: Wooohoooo! :tada:
So glad to hear it went well. I’m looking forward to the fun questions you come up with now that you’re an expert. :wink:
All the best,

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Thank you Chris
It will take time to be an expert, but I can already sense
the potential benefits if I can master Qiime.

Thank you also to @thermokarst for the suggestions.


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