Unable to access Qiime2 due to university security restrictions

Recently I set up an AWS account through my university in order to use Qiime2. Unfortunately I realized that security and compliance policy only allows connection to US-East-1 (N.Virginia) and US-East-2(Ohio) servers, so I am unable to use Qiime2.

Tech support at the uni suggested asking for a shared copy of the Qiime2 AMI to my AWS account for use on the US-East-1 server, so I’m posting to see if this is possible. I think it would probably be easier to install Qiime2 via a Linux partition, but in that case I’m not sure if native processor power would be too low to process data in any reasonable time.

Some help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

It is! And it should be something you can do entirely on your own, here is a screenshot I just took from my personal AWS acct to show the "copy AMI" screen:

Here you would just set the "destination region" to a region of your choosing. AWS might charge you for this, I'm not entirely sure.

Alternatively, you could spin up a plain linux server in the region of your choice, and follow the Native Conda installation instructions:


Hope that helps!



Great, I will give this a try! Thank you!


Today I tried to copy the AMI as described, but when I clicked copy it said “You do not have permission to access the storage of this AMI”.

Ah yeah, you're right - sorry about that! Unfortunately it doesn't look like I can do anything about that permission boundary, but, like I said above, you can install QIIME 2 via conda, in an EC2 instance of your choice. We don't do anything special for the QIIME 2 AWS AMIs - we just install QIIME 2 via conda, put a "welcome message" up, and call it a day:

So the basic idea here is that an AWS EC2 instance is just a computer, no different than the workstation in your office/lab/etc - so just following the basic QIIME 2 installation commands will get you the same results as using our "official" EC2 AMI.

Hope that helps!



Ok, thanks for the information and for including the scripts! I will try to install it this way

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