ubuntu password and login..

I use Windows and about a month ago got our IT dept to install QIIME2 on my work laptop after installing Oracle Virtualbox. QIIME 2 CORE - 2021.4 is running in the VirtualBox as I type this, however I can't use it as I have an ubuntu screen asking for a username and password....I assume there is a default one I should be using, however cannot find any information on what that was. Any assistance would be appreciated please. I'm not familiar with using QIIME in this kind of environment so it's a bit of a learning curve (previously used on a high performance computing system, without the need for Oracle....). Thanks in advance for any wisdom.

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The password is very complicated due to the security reasons:

When prompted, select the user qiime2 , and enter the password qiime2 .

Happy qiiming!