Troubles for importing fasta file.

Why this fasta file 'database.fasta' import failed?Is the fasta file get wrong in format?Please!

Hello @YLB,

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Thank you for posting your full command, error, and the start of the fasta file.

That fasta file looks valid to me! I wonder how it looks inside the linux terminal. :mag_right:

Can you use the head command to show the first few lines of that files, and post the results on the forums? This command will look something like this:

head head/database/database.fasta

This will let us see if that file is also valid when you open it using a linux program.

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Thank you for your advice. :grin:
Fortunately,I had resolved my trouble.Though,The Fasta file seems to normal in some case.Because of my modification of filename extension, 'doc' file to 'txt' file to 'fasta' file, the format of the fasta file was abnormal so that qiime2 platform can not recognize it.

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