trouble with qiime2 install

Update: I successfully installed it when i deleted the line bioconductor-genomeinfodb line from the .yml file and installed it separately. With me bioconductor-genomeinfodbdata wasn't causing any conflicts but bioconductor-genomeinfodb. I had to check.

Thank you. qiime2 is now installed.

Hello, glad it worked for you

I deleted bioconductor-genomeinfodbdata line in the .yml and deleted the .condarc file and still getting found conflicts and i am unable to download it.
What else could be causing this?

In fact, it is because of the package itself. You can find more people who have encountered the same problem on the Github homepage of this package, but it seems that it has not been solved by the developer. You can try my second method, change the acquisition Let’s try the address of this package.

Change the file dataURLs.json file in /root/anaconda3/share/bioconductor-data-packages/ and change the url of genomeinfodbdata to Tsinghua mirror source (TUNA)