Trouble with q2-gneiss and the formula parameter

I am new to qiime2 and this type of data analysis in general, so Im sure this will be a silly question.

I am working through gneiss and am currently stuck on generating the regression_summary.qzv. My sample metadata is really simple it has two categories, sampled and replicate. I was using the --p-formula “sampleid+replicate” but I get this error

Plugin error from gneiss:

Error evaluating factor: NameError: name ‘Replicate’ is not defined

I am sure I missed something or have made an error elsewhere, I am just not sure where.

I really appreciate your help here, Im stuck!

Thanks so much!

Can you post the header of your metadata file and the exact command that you ran? Chances are it is just a mispelling.

Also, is there any reason why you are testing for differences in sampleID? This is likely to lead to a overparameterized / nonsensical model.

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