Trouble installing q2 picrust2 plugin

Great appreciation to the developers and the team behind qiime2.
I am trying to install the q2-picrust2 plugin following the install guide in the qiime2 library. However, towards the end (5th step) on entering this command I got an error

qiime dev refresh-cache

ImportError: No module named ‘picrust2’

I am wondering if there is something that I missed. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

Hey there @Andrew_Bugz, maybe @gmdouglas will have something to say about this, but just taking a quick glance at the install instructions, the error you are reporting seems to indicate that something went wrong with Step 3 of the install guide. Can you try again from the beginning, making sure to follow all steps exactly as indicated?

Thank you so much for your time @thermokarst. You were right, I must have missed something important. I did try again and it worked this time. Thanks again and have a good day.