The following metadata columns have been omitted because they didn't contain categorical data: group

I have a categorical group column in my metadata file but here is a warning that says there is not present such a thing! Could you please make it clear to me?


This all looks good to me - I suspect you either forgot to save your metadata spreadsheet prior to running, or accidentally ran the command pointing to the wrong version of your metadata file. Please re-run and make sure you’re using the version of the metadata you shared above.

Thanks a lot @thermokarst
I started from scratch! I double-checked every thing! But I got the warning!

Also, I have similar to this warning in alpha-rarefaction:

I do not know they are problematic or not! I just wanted to keep you informed if it is necessary then do something.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @TurboQiimer - these are all new error messages you are sharing, and you’ll see above now that your original message has gone away, as I suggested.

The new messages make sense to me:

samplenumber and type2 are both “numeric” categories, according to you metadata file. These are not valid columns for the alpha-group-significance visualizer (but would be good candidates for alpha-correlation.

The message about group2 is saying that every value is unique - if every value is unique, it is not possible to pool or group the samples (you can’t compute a distribution with n=1).

Regarding alpha-rarefaction, the message here is the same as in alpha-group-significance - the two columns reported are not categorical data.

Please carefully read the messages reported, this is usually the quickest path to getting moving again.


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