The difference between Phred33 and Phred33V2

Is there any difference between [PairedEndFastqManifestPhred33] and [PairedEndFastqManifestPhred33V2]?

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It seems there is no difference, just used for different qiime2 version

Hi @Kevin,
The V2 actually corresponds with the version of the manifest, rather than the Phred score.
Early on in QIIME 2 days the manifest format was slightly different than what it is now, for example, the current (V2) format is a tab separate text file structured like so:

sample-id     forward-absolute-filepath       reverse-absolute-filepath
sample-1      $PWD/some/filepath/sample0_R1.fastq.gz  $PWD/some/filepath/sample1_R2.fastq.gz
sample-2      $PWD/some/filepath/sample2_R1.fastq.gz  $PWD/some/filepath/sample2_R2.fastq.gz
sample-3      $PWD/some/filepath/sample3_R1.fastq.gz  $PWD/some/filepath/sample3_R2.fastq.gz
sample-4      $PWD/some/filepath/sample4_R1.fastq.gz  $PWD/some/filepath/sample4_R2.fastq.gz

While the previous manifest versions was a comma separated file structured like so:


The newest version is the recommended version to use but the old format I believe was kept as a legacy format.

Hope this clarifies things.


I got it! Thanks a lot! :100:

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