Testing the classifier error

I have been trying to test the classifier in my documents and I keep getting an error message about the version of scikit-learn installed on my QIIME 2 Core. I tested this with several different classifier.qza files, even the GreenGenes one in the QIIME 2 data resources page, but none match the current version installed. Is there a way to reinstall scikit-learn to the earlier version so it's compatible with the classifier files that I try to test with?

Welcome to the forum @arielmarie2194!

Something else installed in your qiime2-2020.2 environment must have caused your scikit-learn version to upgrade.

See this post for info on downgrading: Feature classifier for the moving pictures tutorial doesn't work with latest version of scikit-learn 0.20.3

Looks like that topic also has some links to tutorials for training your own classifier, which is another way to bypass this error (train and classify with the same version).

Good luck!

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