Taxonomy in volcano plots

I have done the ANCOM analysis and when I checked the each point of volcano plot, it just showing values of clr and W but not it’s taxonomy information. But in tutorial it has shown the same.

How to choose the cutoff value for W score?

What will be the significance value of ANCOM analysis at any level?


Hi @Nisha,

When i check the moving pictures tutorial, there’s one ANCOM result that has the feature ID and a second where the genus table was collapsed that has a genus ID. Is that the result you’re referring to?

In QIIME, ANCOM 1 will automatically :sparkles: choose a threshhold for you based on the distribution. Alternatively, you can set a threshhold a priori (I like W ≥ 0.8*num_features) and then consider significance based on that.


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