Taxonomic class

Goodmorning Qiime2ers, thank you for being such great teachers, iv learnt a lot within the short time I started using Qiime2.
Yesterday I finished the tutorial on Atacama soil Microbiome project and I got a taxonomic bar plot. There are 7 taxonomic level to choose from now I do not understand what these levels mean, how do I know which. Level to choose and why.
Thank you so much for all your support.

Levels in the visualization are just numeric representatives of taxonomy units in your taxonomy file, with 0 representating the lower one (domain) and 7 - the higher one (species). If you trained your own classifier with additional level (strain, subdomain, etc), then the numbers may change.
Just choose some numbers as levels and see in the visualization to which taxonomy level barplot were collapsed. I would expect to have genera at level 6, for example, but it depends on the database you used for taxonomy classifier.



Oh... Ok ... I see now.
0 is Domain
1 is Kingdom
Down to 7 which is species.
Thank you for your patience with and thank you for all the help.


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