Taxonomic Bar Plots - Color Palette

I have seen the topic on color schemes in taxa barplots, but I'm guess that my question is somewhat different from it (and it has been closed already).
In taxonomic bar plots, the default color palette 'schemeAccent' seems to contain a fixed lineage of colors for taxonomic levels, obviously starting at the least abundant taxonoic group (see comparioson of two independent analyses in the attachment).
Is there any chance to use this color scheme starting with the same color for the most abundant taxonomic group so that the most abundant group has always the same color?

Thank you for any suggestion!
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Hey there @arwqiime!

Unfortunately I don't have much of a solution for you, besides exporting to SVG and manually re-coloring in a tool like Illustrator or Inkscape.

I did open up a new issue, though, to track the development of this. Thanks!

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