Taxa bar plots-How do I change the size of each column?

Taxa bar plots of the image is quite smart, but how can I change the size of each bar chart, I try to stretch with AI software, but the graphics recognition

ALthough in qiime view or when i download the bars.svg ,I can’t change the graph。when i do that on AI software,the picture is beyond recognition. when i use “qiime taxa-bar-plots” Parameter Settings cannot be found to change it

Hi @dad, (<-- never thought I’d get to write that during work :grin: ),

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by changing the size of each bar chart but perhaps this recent thread can provide some suggestions on how to approach customizing those figures. In short, the barchart vizualization currently doesn’t have too much figure customization options but the raw data is available so you can use it to recreate the image using your own preferred methods/software.

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