Taxa bar plot download error

I was trying to download the barplot SVG(bars) but it’s failing when I am selecting taxonomic level >3. What might be the reason?

Hi @mdimdadi,
Please see this post. Are you using chrome? Please try firefox and let us know if that helps.

Thanks @Nicholas_Bokulich. Firefox did the trick.

One more question, is there any way to plot or download the taxa plot with only showing if something is greater than certain % relative frequency?


no, you cannot interactively adjust this within the taxa plot.

But you have two different choices:

  1. filter (e.g., with feature-table filter-features) your feature table prior to creating a barplot.
  2. download the raw data (there is a “download as CSV” link at the top of the barplot visualization) and manipulate as you need, then plot in excel or another program.

I hope that helps!

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