Tab autocomplete in virtual machine 2017.12

I’m using the Virtual Box 2017.12 image of qiime2. Everything seems to be ok, but I cannot use the tab autocomplete function in a standard Ubuntu terminal window.
In .bashrc ‘source tab-qiime’ is there, and an additional ‘source tab-qiime’ on the command line completes without error messages. However, the simple test ‘qiime i’ does not complete to ‘qiime info’.

The .bash_profile file is not present for the default qiime2 user.

Do you have any suggestions how to get autocomplete running?
Many thanks!

Hi @arwqiime! Unfortunately, we are only able to support the most recent version of QIIME 2 (currently 2018.2). With that said, I just fired up the 2018.2 Virtualbox image and tab completion looks like it is working as advertised! I recommend you grab the latest copy and give it a shot. Keep us posted! :t_rex:

I was able to solve the problem of tab-autocomplete not working. It was related the a bug in the Xfce environment which I have to use since Qiime2 virtual image has to be installed on a host server in our IT department (instead of a local VirtualBox). There seems to be a general bug of the tab key not working in Xfce as described in
The fix decribed there solved this issue.
Best regards!

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