subprocess error while installing RESCRIPt

Hello, I'm at Ubuntu 20.04 instulled Qiime2 .2021.11 and recently I want to use qiime2 Rescript, a plug-in in 2021.11, uses the silver138 database to make a classifier belonging to my v3-v4 area, but the following errors occur when installing rescript. How can I solve them
The specific commands are as follows:

pip install git+

Hi @xmcr, welcome to :qiime2:!

Do either you, or your institution, run a firewall? I ask because of the following error I've noticed in your output:

Could not resolve host:

Which tells me that github is being blocked. Are you able to install other tools / plugins from github using pip?

Thank you very much for your reply. In fact, this is the first time that I used pip to install tools on GitHub. I'll try to install other tools on GitHub, and I'd like to ask if there are other ways to install rescript tools.

Can you download from the github web page directly through the web browser? You can also try downloading the specific versions of RESCRIPt from Zenodo. Then you can run the pip install command from within the folder.

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Thank you very much for your reply. First, I use git clone GitHub - bokulich-lab/RESCRIPt: REference Sequence annotation and CuRatIon Pipeline Command to clone it locally, and then use the PIP install command to install it successfully. In addition, I also want to ask if I want to train the Silva classifier on my 16g local computer, but the result shows that there is not enough memory. Are there any parameters that can reduce the memory consumption?

Hi @xmcr ,

Check out the forum FAQs: Frequent Questions and "Best of the QIIME 2 Forum"

There are many other topics on the forum deadling with that question as well; you can use the search function to find some other troubleshooting advice.

OK, thank you. I'll check these contents.

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