stats file from Deblur is empty

Hello! After running Deblur, I tried to visualize the stats but when I open the stats.qzv is empty and I only can see the headers. Any idea why is this happening? Thanks!

Hi @amonm82,
Welcome to the forum!
Was Deblur run successfully without errors?
Are you able to visualize the deblur feature table and rep-seqs files?
Providing us with the exact commands you run, any received errors, and the qiime2 version you’re using would always help. In this case sharing one of the deblur output .qzas would also help us locating possible sources of error.

Hi @Mehrbod_Estaki!

Thank you for your reply! I think I just figured it out what I did wrong! I didn’t use —p-sample-stats when I run Deblur! :grimacing:

Thank you anyway!