Statistical power calculation PERMANOVA and ANOSIM

Dear QIIME 2 valued community,

Thanks for all the effort you put into this software. As a scientist using it for microbime data I appreciate it! And thus now I am seeking your help once again… I have been struggling with the calculation of statistical power on my PERMANOVA and ANOSIM test. Basically I originally had a metagenomics species identified with a different software (IDseq) and then I created a qualitative OTU table that I successfully imported into QIIME2. Then, I performed a jaccard distance matrix and did a PERMANOVA and ANOSIM test to determine if the centroids of my graph and the within and between distance of my samples were significantly different. Unfortunately my data was not significantly different, and therefore now I want to run a power statistical test on it, mostly because I have ‘failed to reject my initial null hypothesis’. However I haven’t found anything in QIIME2 for it. I have started to read a little about the R package micropower, but I was aiming for QIIME as it seems to be more user-friendly.

Many thanks in advance,

Hi @daniel.castanedamogo,


Unfortunately QIIME 2 does not have a method explicitly meant for power analysis! Lots of room for growth for anyone interested in contributing a power analysis plugin :wink:

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