Statistical analysis

  1. For ANCOM, are there commands to visualize the taxonomic distribution that are significant in a given group, such as the boxplot/histogram? Moreover, what is the meaning of W values and is that insert the text relevant to the explanation of “ANCOM Volcano Plot”?
  2. Are there commands for the statistical methods to compare the metrics and relative abundance among two and more groups, such as ANOVA and t-tests) or non-parametric (Kruskal-Wallis, Wilcoxon) or LEfSe?

Hi @tengfey,

Not currently. That specific visualization would need to be done outside of QIIME2.

See this thread

See this thread. For differential abundance testing, ANCOM is what you are asking for. Pairwise testing with ANCOM is one approach to compare two groups (similar to running pairwise t-tests or WIlcoxon tests).

For other metrics, e.g., alpha and beta diversity, yes. Appropriate multi-group and pairwise tests (e.g., Kruskal Wallis) are used by default — see the moving pictures tutorial for more details.

I hope that helps!

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