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Hi @jairideout any updates on this yet? Continuing the discussion from Is there any way to summarize taxa plot by category?:

Also, how do I achieve this?

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Hi @nerdynella!

Unfortunately, no. We haven't had a chance to work on this, and we don't have a good ETA at present.

The sort is controlled by the widgets off to the right side of the visualization, under the label "Sort Samples By".

Using the Moving Pictures barplots as an example:

Here we are sorting by k__Bacteria;p__Firmicutes

Here we are sorting by BodySite. Also note the x-axis labels reflect the body site. This is what @jairideout was referring to.

You can chain multiple sort parameters by clicking the blue plus icon. Here we are sorting by BodySite, and then by Subject.

Hope that helps! :t_rex:

@thermokarst this definitely helps! I missed the sort sample tab earlier (for some reason i wrongly assumed that it could only sort by taxonomic level prolly because of the k_bacteria).
Thank you!

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