SILVA 132 for qiime

In January there was a comment by Matthew to “stay tuned” for the qiime version of silva132. Is it likely to be released any time soon, please?


Hi @Kylie,
Thanks for following up on this. I will commit to getting this done this month, so you can expect that it will be available for download by the end of March.


Thanks, that’s would be terrific :grinning:


I was wondering if the ETA for the QIIME format of SILVA v132 is still on target for the “end of March”?


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@Andor_Kiss, I think so. If I end up needing a few more days, I’ll follow up here.

A quick follow-up on this. I’m currently trying to find out when the QIIME-compatible reference files will be available for SILVA 132 (also some discussion of this here), and I may be delayed if these aren’t available soon. In the meantime, I have posted classifiers for SILVA 128 here. I’ll follow up here about SILVA 132 in the next couple of days, when I should have more information.

Another follow-up: I’m hoping to complete SILVA 132 classifiers within the next two weeks. The individual who had been creating the QIIME-compatible SILVA reference files isn’t able to do this anymore. He had been doing it on a volunteer basis for years, and has a new job now. Some of the steps that were taken were specifically to support training of the RDP classifier in QIIME 1 (e.g., replacing of certain characters that were incompatible with the RDP classifier), so may no longer be necessary. I need to review those steps and figure out what we need to do to prepare SILVA for use with QIIME 2, in the absence of the QIIME-compatible reference files.

In the meantime, you can use the SILVA 128 classifiers, which I linked to in my previous post. Those classifiers are for the most recent version of SILVA that has QIIME-compatible reference files available.


See this post for a preliminary version of the Silva 132 classifiers.


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