Sidle: A QIIME 2 SMURF implemetation

After teasing this for nearly a year, I’m really excited to announce at we have a QIIME 2 compatible workable implementation of Sidle, or the SMURF Implementation Done to acceLerate Efficiency! :tada:

Sidle is a re-implementation of the SMURF algorithm, with a new approach to allow tree building :broccoli: ! It’s designed to run in parallel to allow more rapid alignment.

You can find installation instructions, documentation, and tutorials at

One Important note: Sidle is only compatible with qiime2-2020.11 and qiime2-2021.2 and later. The artifacts should work just fine with previous version (like if you wanted to do Sidle reconstruction and then run DECOIDE).

Let me know if you’ve got comments, questions, concerns, or issues.

Justine :woman_technologist: