Show the top abundant ASV composition with interactive bar plots?

Could the interactive bar plot created by qiime taxa barplot show only the top abundant ASV or genus among samples?

Hongbin Liu

Do you mean, like this?
level-6-bars (1)

Just open a visualization in browser, and click on the colors in the legend on taxa you would like to keep, then download an .svg image. You can also download a legend in .svg format and then manipulate it in any svg-editor or by custom scripts to remove unnecessary information.

It is working with genera or any other taxonomy level, but not with ASVs

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Hi timanix!
Thanks for your kind reply!
I mean if I can perform brief filtering according to the average abundance of the ASVs or genus among samples, and so that I could visualize the most abundant ASVs or genus (e.g. top 5, 10, or 20).

Hongbin Liu

Just click on the colors in the legend of top n features and you will get it. But it is for taxonomy units only, not for ASVs

I see. So if I understand you correctly, you mean that I have to know which taxa are the top ones. The visualization in browser could not calculate and sort the taxa automatically, right?

In browser, your taxa already sorted by average relative abundance across all your samples with most abundant on the top

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