Should developers use GitHub Actions & Library instead of (or in addition to) manually publishing to conda?

Hi folks!

Thanks to @mckin , q2-perc-norm is finally getting updated!

I was poking around the developer docs and noticed that there's a new way to publish plugins since my last time contributing (many years ago): using GitHub Actions & Library. Is this the recommended way to publish plugins, and if so does it also publish it to conda or is that a separate step?

Basically, do I need to first publish a plugin on conda and then do the Library stuff, or is the Library approach a one-stop shop?

And if the answer is that I should use Library, can someone help me get a token (or show me how I can get it myself)? :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Just as an update, we were able to make the changes to q2-perc-norm but I was running into errors with the conda build process (also omg conda is so slow I had forgotten).

If there's developer support to get the plugin updated on conda/Library, please let me know! Otherwise I am satisfied with a local install from cloning the repo, since I'm not really actively maintaining this codebase anymore.


Hi @cduvallet!

Thanks for your contributions! These are great questions.

We are actually just finishing up a major overhaul to our development process using Github Actions, which will make the community plugin development process much easier. For the time being, if you have a local install working successfully, that's a great place to be! Keep an eye out for updates to our developer documentation, and a more official announcement on the forum with details on what the community development process will look like moving forward.

With regards to your comment about conda being very slow - you can install and use mamba for package installation and environment creation, which will be much faster than conda!

Cheers :lizard:

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