sequence type format

Hello everybody,

Thanks in advance for reading this.
I am stuck at the import step of my sequences as I am not sure about the type definition.

My sequences are demultiplexed FASTQ R1 and R2 merged as following:

I made a manifest file with sample-id and absolute-filepath information and run the following command:

qiime tools import
--type 'SampleData[SequencesWithQuality]'
--input-path sequences-absolute-filepath
--output-path sequences.qza
--input-format WHAT SHOULD I TYPE HERE?

when I tried with SingleEndFastqManifestPhred33V2 it gave back an error.
Could you please help me to understand which format my sequences are?

Thank you very much!

This would mean that your data are "paired-end" reads. Which would mean that you should import your data using the flags below:

--type 'SampleData[PairedEndSequencesWithQuality]' \
--input-format PairedEndFastqManifestPhred64V2

This and other examples are located here.

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